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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Acharya on The Sacred Division

Acharya [ Website ], the author of Christ In Egypt, was a guest on The Sacred Division recently with Bishop James Long as the host.

Links to the show:
Short YouTube Version
Full Version
Where discussion and transcript can be found.

The discussion is supposed to be about her new book "Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection" which he never mentioned. I have to express my disgust in the way the show was handled by the host. As soon as Acharya put the heat on them, they childishly cut her off from the show, at which point things got even worse. It's interesting how he kept accusing her of calling his personal beliefs absurd, when she never actually did such a thing, and then used this as an excuse to expeditiously remove her from the show before he was forced to reply to any more information that threatened his personal belief system, and before the audience had a chance to hear any more truth and begin to question anything.

He mentions her name early on in during the show and pronounced her name correctly. I think this is fair indication to suggest he indeed knows how to pronounce her name. He was also fairly respectful along the duration of Acharya being a part of the show. I feel this was premeditated, and the whole show was a set up where the agenda was to get her on the show, wait for some kind of crack on his personal belief system(which never happened), and then accuse her of insulting his beliefs thus providing the impetus needed to kick her off the show. Interesting that while she was on the show his stuttering was ceaseless and he found difficulty in arguing with her, while after she was gone his tone completely changed to an All-Knowing attitude, and a very rude one at that. Not to mention quite violent and quite frankly, psychotic. He also speaks of 'historical proof' of things, stories where there is no proof of who actually wrote them. But, because they are in the Bible, they are proof..

Below is just a taste of the transcript during his change in tone, after he had removed Acharya from the interview:

- 52:22 "There's no proof that he wasn't born ... the proof is on your end to prove that he wasn't born" (how utterly ridiculous of a statement. the outstanding claim is that a Jewish guy was the son of god who was raising people from the dead. and we all know that outstanding claims require outstanding proof to back the claim. Bishop James Long, the burden of proof is certainly upon you to bear.)

- 57:15 "Acharya, your last words when you die are going to be, oh god"

- 1:14:34 "And for the people who created this damn Zeitgeist bullshit video..."

- 1:19:45 "Let me just say to you people ... Acharya & Zeitgeist & whoever the hell is involved in this movie... don't you ever come to me & spill that kind of shit in my face because I will smack the spit out of your mouth."

- 1;20;22 "So don't you sit there & talk crap cause you want to sell a book or because you want to sell a you sons a bitches SHUT YOUR MOUTH"

- 1;21;20 "And don't worship the sun because it's up your ASS"

- 1;22;37 "I swear to god, if you do it god is going to smite you down...Every American should kick your ass up & down the street"

He continued to mispronounce her name, which was tantamount to name calling and very insulting when you consider he certainly knows how to pronounce her name. This interview was a blatant example of a cultural bigot on the part of Bishop James Long, and I'm completely astounded that this kind of insulting, disrespectful attitude even made it to the public audience.

Acharya is an expert on solar mythology and her credentials can be found Here. She is currently running a special on two of her books, 'Who Was Jesus', and 'Christ In Egypt' for $35. Get them Here. These are scholarly, well written books about religion and its origins for people who want the truth to be known.

1 comment:

erthluva said...

Wow, religion at its best. So they asked her to be on their Sacred division Show just so they could antagonize her with derogatory comments throughout the entire show.

I love how she doesn't put up with their loads of BS & fires back revealing the truth for us all to see - this Bishop really is a biased, bigoted, fundamentalist Christian out to shore-up the faith at all costs. Nothing new there at all.

It's shocking how he insults her after he hangs up on her in the full version yet claims repeatedly how respectful he was. This Bishop has no integrity or decent level of character whatsoever.

Thanks for blogging this. Space man Jupiter!