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Friday, March 13, 2009


About religion, I think my friend said it best.

'I enjoy the morals and principles of the traditional Bible, but I have not been convinced of its reality. I am extremely turned off by the overly critical judgment that religion tends to allow people.'

With that said, I already know the Bible is a virtual carbon copy of ancient Sumerian texts from 6000 years ago. I can't prove that Jesus didn't exist, but there is more than adequate evidence that at least shows the story in the Bible is not his own. And, Jesus isn't the reason for the season.

Beliefs are a crutch. Any kind of beliefs. Personal, cultural, you name it. The only thing that truly matters is data. Information. It's the only way to discern truth from fiction.

UFO's are here to stay. 80% are probably our own. The others probably come from not only other star systems, but other frequencies in the very large band of reality of which we can only observe a tiny sliver.

Out of Body is also a part of reality. It's a key to the universe and a much larger part of reality. I'm going to use this key one day to confirm some things. It's a key I don't yet have though.

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